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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sleeping beauty~

hey all..

oh my god.What is with me?I am so terrible at getting myself asleep at night.YES.I have been suffering sleeping disorder since the age of 15 and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it or at least get a proper sleep for more than 2 days.OK i know this post has NOTHING to do with fashion but it concerns beauty and well being plus I know a lot of people who can relate themselves to the problem I am having.The day before I slept at around 5 and I woke up at 8!Waking up early is not that hard for me but my main problem is i take long naps in the afternoon..I cannot help it.I just dozed off..and I end up staring at the ceiling for hours and hours at night.I just hate this because number 
  1. I need to sleep early and get enough of it to get beautiful skin because everyone knows that skin revives itself when we go to sleep
  2. I get cranky and tired when I don't get enough sleep
  3. I feel that my day is wasted by taking naps in the afternoon/evening cause I feel that I can do much more
  4. I really really need to adjust my sleeping pattern because im gonna start going back to school soon and I need plenty of sleep to really concentrate in class
And I think that the contributing factors that causes my sleeping disorder is

  1. I do not have strong will
  2. I take long naps
  3. I drink tea(which contains caffeine) at night
  4. I have so many things to do in my mind that sometimes I forget and only remember when Im tucked on my bed then..I cannot stop thinking about it
  5. Im a very very very light sleeper.A slight noise,light or movement wakes me up and I just cannot go back to sleep.
What I plan to do about it

  1. Work with myself to get a stronger will power and wake up earlier
  2. Avoid friends and blog readers.Help me by requesting any kinds of topics and keep me busy and besties..please call me and harass me throughout the day so that I don"t go to sleep plus I would do activities away from my bed to avoid myself to have some zzzz time.
  3. I will never stop enjoying my tea but I will restrict myself from drinking tea after 5pm.
  4. From now on,I would get myself more post-its or any sort of reminders and write down whenever I think of doing something and finish everything before I go to bed
  5. I cannot do anything much to help my "light sleep syndrome" but to just make sure my door is locked to avoid people especially my mum to come in and out,silent my phone,turn off every light,and get rid of any source of light like the beeping light from laptop etc..
I did some research on how to improve sleeping patterns so here goes

  1. Set a condusive sleeping environment
  2. Maintain consistent wake up and sleeping time
  3. Stay away from sleep stealing stimulus
  4. Exercise
  5. Cool of your body temperature
  6. Don't force yourself to sleep
  7. Avoid naps
I would like to add one more thing..COMFY AND PRETTY NIGHTWEAR..


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