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Thursday, October 14, 2010



guys and girls!!

i have been following this particular blog that sells nail polishes.It is called nail galore.The blogger is nisha.This don't only sell various brands and shades of nail polishes but also shares some nail poish/nail care tips which is aweessoommee!I have to say that this kind of blog is very very limited especially by malaysians.So here's my shout out to nisha!nisha thank you sooo much for all the cool tips and providing very very hard to get nail polishes!Friends please follow her blog because it's wicked yo!

Anyways she's doing a giveaway for the celebration of 100 followers on her blog.She's giving away....gasppp..MAC’s Venomous Villain’s Collection’s nail polish to a lucky winner. All three colours!OHHH my god!!!For those who don't know...this collection from mac was a huge hit and it's completely sold out all over Malaysia.I have a huge respect to nisha because she's willing to give away this precious items.I mean who wouldn't want it??I want it sooo bad!Nisha....I'll take goooodd care of them hahaha!Anyways congratulations it advance for whom who'll win this babies..and guys don't forget to followher blog!!!