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Saturday, May 1, 2010

shoulder up~

hey all!

It's been on the runway for quite a while..the structured jacket or top that emphasizes the shoulder..i remembered once tyra banks quoted that her favourite fashion trend would be shoulder pads.I love how it automatically make u look stylish and smart and suprisingly it could be worn for a casual or glam up look..My favourite look would be wearing oversized shirt,skinny jeans and gladiator heels...pair with a jacket..and damn!that's hot!!!I have everything from jackets,cardigans,tops,lace tops that have accentuated shoulder pads..but i have a problem finding structured jacket/blazer in dying to get one of those...for any of you out there who sells/knows where I could find one please share!pretty please!!...I think Balmain was one of the first who came out with this kind of stylish LOVE U u sexy thang!Fashionistas out there...please get one of these.....invest in a nice structured jacket as You can wear/pair it with any tops/jeans/pants/skirts/heels/flats etc...and ouh ouh i the best accesory to work this style is definitely the bib necklace..i don't know..It looks Fabulous!!!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sleeping beauty~

hey all..

oh my god.What is with me?I am so terrible at getting myself asleep at night.YES.I have been suffering sleeping disorder since the age of 15 and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it or at least get a proper sleep for more than 2 days.OK i know this post has NOTHING to do with fashion but it concerns beauty and well being plus I know a lot of people who can relate themselves to the problem I am having.The day before I slept at around 5 and I woke up at 8!Waking up early is not that hard for me but my main problem is i take long naps in the afternoon..I cannot help it.I just dozed off..and I end up staring at the ceiling for hours and hours at night.I just hate this because number 
  1. I need to sleep early and get enough of it to get beautiful skin because everyone knows that skin revives itself when we go to sleep
  2. I get cranky and tired when I don't get enough sleep
  3. I feel that my day is wasted by taking naps in the afternoon/evening cause I feel that I can do much more
  4. I really really need to adjust my sleeping pattern because im gonna start going back to school soon and I need plenty of sleep to really concentrate in class
And I think that the contributing factors that causes my sleeping disorder is

  1. I do not have strong will
  2. I take long naps
  3. I drink tea(which contains caffeine) at night
  4. I have so many things to do in my mind that sometimes I forget and only remember when Im tucked on my bed then..I cannot stop thinking about it
  5. Im a very very very light sleeper.A slight noise,light or movement wakes me up and I just cannot go back to sleep.
What I plan to do about it

  1. Work with myself to get a stronger will power and wake up earlier
  2. Avoid friends and blog readers.Help me by requesting any kinds of topics and keep me busy and besties..please call me and harass me throughout the day so that I don"t go to sleep plus I would do activities away from my bed to avoid myself to have some zzzz time.
  3. I will never stop enjoying my tea but I will restrict myself from drinking tea after 5pm.
  4. From now on,I would get myself more post-its or any sort of reminders and write down whenever I think of doing something and finish everything before I go to bed
  5. I cannot do anything much to help my "light sleep syndrome" but to just make sure my door is locked to avoid people especially my mum to come in and out,silent my phone,turn off every light,and get rid of any source of light like the beeping light from laptop etc..
I did some research on how to improve sleeping patterns so here goes

  1. Set a condusive sleeping environment
  2. Maintain consistent wake up and sleeping time
  3. Stay away from sleep stealing stimulus
  4. Exercise
  5. Cool of your body temperature
  6. Don't force yourself to sleep
  7. Avoid naps
I would like to add one more thing..COMFY AND PRETTY NIGHTWEAR..


late night post~

hye darlings!!!
sorry for the late blogging ..It was really hectic today..first wake up very very early for appointment to dentist ..then found out I have to go through a mini surgery to remove my wisdom tooth...then to my personal doctor clinic to get medication (im allergic to penicillin and bacterium),then..i love this part...I WENT TO THE TAILOR TO MAKE BAJU RAYA!!!i know it's kinda early but my regular tailor gaved me warning that she won't do anymore tailoring till june!So i don't really have much time.Next,go to the bank to bank in my latest on9 purchase which i will blog about on maybe friday,then to the bank again to activate my on9 banking,then accompany my mum to bring her sick rabbit to the vet ...i think the female vet is in love with me cause she kept on asking my mum about me..then go to GIANT supermarket to get the cleanse tea for my dad(actually i've been secretly stealing his tea cause it works!!my tummy has never been this flat before...) next go home do some more on9 banking..take a my mum to update her facebook profile that took me SOOOO LOOONNGG ..then go and bake some bananas..made my mum go to sleep and talk and wish goodnight to my dear Hafiz..and now BLOG : ).SO what would be my topic today?hmm MAKE UP..yes make favourite thing ever..ok so before i start..once my 2 dear friend that i love so much..zeng and clarissa..they gave me an idea..they want me to be the next Datuk Farah Khan..For those of you who don't know who she is..well she's great..she's got her own fashion boutique in KLCC and she brings in international designer items into Malaysia.Isn't that cool???ok so since Datuk Farah brought in stuffs like ensembles,shoes,bags etc I am trying to bring in International make up stuffs into Malaysia..My dream would be NARS!(since MAC is already in Malaysia)..But NARS wont be that easy so Im gonna start small first.Have you ever heard about a brand called Nyx?Ok it's a very affordable make up line from the United States(It's very very cheap there and when it reaches Malaysia it'll be more expensive but definitely cheaper than MAC) and I don't really think it's available in Malaysia as yet..but shipping is available.I found out about it when I saw a video on youtube by Juicystar07..She's a very very well known vlogger in the US where people actually pay her to go shopping and comment on their products: )well she tried the Nyx product and it works wonders on her. Iwill attach the link of that particular video for you guys to watch.I got excited and i ordered a few items to try..and i managed to get it shipped to Malaysia within 2 weeks.I am gonna try it and if i really really am confident with it I will start bringing more stuff in for YOU yes YOU guys!Do e-mail me or contact me on facebook if you are interested already : )

check this link out !!!NYX make up

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

trip to the gym~

hey darlings,
aahhh what a day!i didnt go to the gym these past 2 days because im involved in my parent's company convo/annual once it's over.."BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG!"..SO ok i dragged myself there and do my usual 30 minutes running on the threadmill,30 minutes cycling and 30 minutes of weight lifting(i love it)..while doing my usual running suddenly i hear a woman shout..and when i's Alice the gym instuctor..she was being a commander ordering her slaves to go run on the treadmill with the speed of at least 8.5kmph...and i and the other hand  merely on speed 7.2kmph..and panting like a gorilla..aahh what a shame!So Alice's slaves is girls with really really tall slender body and they are wearing those skimpy gym exercise attire that i only DREAM to put on...their abs is perfect!how i wish i have a body like that and being able to wear what they are wearing and I AM VERY VERY SURE that i am not alone in this one.Plenty of girls like me feel a little bit insecure especially at the gym when hot gazelles running gracefully on the threadmill next to us.So what i am gonna do today is share exercise tips to get those hot bodies and come out with great idea on how to style yourself to the gym/park to exercise : )

Choose how you want your body to look like proceed to A or B
A.Beyonce (slim and slender but still have those junk in the trunk)
B.Britney Spears(slim,toned and muscular)

A.Beyonce's workout routine
  • 5 days a week
  • run 6 miles a day which is around 9.7km!
  • 100 squats
  • 100 lunges
  • 100 step ups
  • For upper body she will lift 5-pound weights while she listens to a song she likes. Or she will run around the track using 3-pound weights
B.Britney spears's workout routine
  • run 120 minutes a day
  • 5-20 minutes warm up
  • 30 minutes of cardio
  • Stretching and toning for 10 minutes
try doing one to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions of exercises such as:
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Seated row
  • Chest press
  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep extension
  • Shoulder press
 YES oh my god that is a lot but once u get into it you and i will be fine..since im a fan of junk in the trunk im gonna go for Beyonce's workout routine and and don't forget with proper whatever you want but just less calorie than calorie that u burn.Ok letS do it!

And after we get daa sexy hot exercise outfits..i find the ones from NIKE is fabulous!!

I love this kind of tops.Its very dry and breathable and not to mention very sexy..why not?show off your amazing abs..and pair it with

Yoga pants..very slimming and stretchable..or if you don't feel comfortable wearing pants you can always go with

running shorts...comfortable and very cute!rawwrrr.Not to forget the most important item is the running shoes..I always go for the light and feminine ones..i love purple so i would go for this

To look more fashionable..don't forget the fabulous gym bag and funky water bottles

For those gadget freaks get these too!


Now one last we know it's not a very good idea to wear make up to the gym so I have come out with and idea on how to look pretty without make up..
before going to the gym wash your face thorougly pat dry and moisturise with tinted  moisturizer..i love the ones from THE NATURAL SOURCE..them put on tinted lip balm and sometimes I put a lil bit of creme blush on the apple of my cheeks for a healthy glow...tie up your hair in a high ponytail..AND YOU ARE DONE!!!Now GET YOUR ASSES TO THE GYM!



How exciting!remember i told you about the bag in my older post ..well I just got 2 new ones just delivered right at my door step a few minutes ago...this time it's chanel inspired bag in baby pink and pearl white..i just love the size of this bag..its not too small and its not too it's very easy to fit in your travelling bag so you'll have more colour choices when you go travelling!

Monday, April 26, 2010

get beautiful happy~

HELLO again!!!!
ok im gonna put my beauty regimen on a step bt step's very basic like the ones you always read in magazines but yeah it's the same because IT IS THE CORRECT WAY!My beauty products is very affordable and you yes you can easily get it in pharmacies and even supermarkets..i am not i repeat i am not againts the well-known expensive beauty products like SKII,CLINIQUE,CD,ESTEE LAUDER etc...I absolutely adoree SKII..i have a friend..the famous ZENG ZHOU TAN..he's a sk11 boy and his skin is just...ANGELIC and GORGEOUS! I hate u zeng...anyways..skII is quite expensive and it's not my "time" here goes!

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS and ALWAYS remove your make up first.I know some people who just wash their faces without removing last traces of make up...that is not cool!we don't want any clog pores that causes breakouts right.Yes i understand it is not easy especially with waterproof make up but is pain pain is best way is to use oil based make up remover..I use Maybelline's make up remover for eyes and lips.It removes make up easily but leaves your skin a lil bit oily but that's ok since we're gonna cleanse the face anyways...BUT!if you don't like this try using non waterproof make up and just remove with a cleansing wipes..the ones from SIMPLE is very good.

  •  Step 2 is cleansing..It's always good to use a cleanser that suits your skin.I have normal to combination skin so choosing a cleanser is not really hard for me.I love using olay product so i just opt for the cleanser.It has this very fine microbeads that gently removes dead skin cell.SO I dont really have to scrub my face that often.(over scrubbing causes my skin to be very dry)
  • Next step will be steaming....I love this because I've always suffered from blocked nose...and this method helps clear my nose as well..what you do is fill in hot boiled water in a big bowl..i love adding lemon juice into the bowl i don't know ..for aromatheraphy purpose?them drape a towel over your head and just let the steam penetrates into your face for at least 5 minutes.This will open up your pores for a more thorough cleansing : )
  • Moving on....time to scrub scrub scrub..what i love to do is i get into the hot shower(with steam) and start scrubbing my face using FREEMAN'S facial creamy apricot scrub(in the pink tube).After around 3 minutes of scrubbing  rinse with lukewarm water and INSTANTLY smooth supple skin : )
  • THE MASK!yes again use a mask that suits your face.I don't know about you guys but my face changes its state from normal to dry and sometimes from normal to oily.How I know?
  1. well when my face is skin feels tight and itchy after cleansing and won't absorb foundation around my cheek area.SO,when this happen,i turn too FREEMAN'S facial enzyme mask in pineapple(in yellow tube) to restore radiant skin!try it!it works like wonder.
  2. when my face goes oily i can see blackheads on the tip of my nose and the my nose area starts to not absorb my saviour would be FREEMAN'S facial clay mask in avocado and oatmeal to purge pores and smoothens skin..i share this with alllll my girlfriends : )

  •  Blackheads....don't u just hate it....have you ever talked to a person(or even yourself) with blackheads and could not resist picking on it.well i do.But apparently that's bad..only do it with sterilized blackhead remover and clean hands.I don't really like the idea on doing it so i turned to this one product that helps remove blackheads.INTELLIGE' sebum quick up and sebum remover mask by KOSE'.It works man!first apply the sebum quick up then the mask after 15 minutes..remove and voila!

  • Last but not least,something i cannot live without is moisturizer.This is very important for your skin.I've always and will always love olay face cream.This is the only face cream that does not cause my skin to breakout and it's a wonderful make up base too!I have used this since the age of 15 and  it has been 8 years..Nothing to complain about : ).Ouh one more thing please use separate creams for day and night.Both has different ways to nourish your skin.As for the day cream has UV protection and at the same time brightens your skin.I always use this as a face cream and make up base.The night cream on the other hand moisturizes and has revitalising properties and really helps when you are having your beauty sleep.Trust me after using this for only 2 weeks you will see the difference : )
  So that's about it.Very simple right.It's not that bad...and plus it'll save your money on frequent trips to go do facial : )Enjoy and feel free to drop in comments or questions : )
p/s:sorry for the bad quality images


..Boring day..

Hey afternoon all...can u imagine forcing yourself back to sleep because you have absolutely NOTHING to do..we'll that is how i started my day today..but did not really workout since my BB can't stop ringing!i kept on getting weird sms-es and of course my dear bf calls me every 10 minutes to check up on me..anyways im gonna brief about my posts's everything about BEAUTYCARE!! gonna share my very very simple beauty secret that i have applied to myself since the age of eleven : )..thanks to this dry skin,no oily skin,no pimples,no blemishes,no tired looking skin an easier to PUT ON MAKE UP!so go ahead and enjoy!


TOP 10 make up item a girl should NEVER leave house without : )

1.CONCEALER...THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!covers all the imperfections and
voila!perfect skin. My personal favorite would be MAC select cover
up in NW30 : )

2.LIP GLOSS...All the girly girl out there should have one of these...instant
face wake up personal choice MAC lipglass in VIVA GLAM A4

3.LIP COLOUR...OK honestly i think asian girls especially malay girls like me
don't look good with lip gloss alone. I really do think that
we need a lil help from this magical wand called lipstick..i like
it long lasting so i love matte lipstick from MAC!

4.MASCARA...NOTHING MUCH TO SAY.i would seriously kill a person who refuses to wear
mascara when they already have eyeshadow favourite is MAC zoomlash
in black : )

5.BLUSHER...i would recommend girls out there to get a soft pink cream blusher..
my personal favorite would be laura mercier's creme cheek colour in
OLEANDER.Instantly wakes up tired face and give's you baby-doll look.
p/s: 1 more tips...during a night out or camwhoring...apply creme blusher
on the apple of your cheeks then...apply shimmer on top...that's is how
those celebrites look like glowing angels in those photos!

feel free to drop any comments or questions

maxi dress

This post is specially dedicated for my love and passion to maxi dresses.I LOVE THEM TO DEATH.I don't know why..wearing them make me feel like some kind of tall amazon-ian godess...not to mention my saviour dress when i feel fat and bloated..I love all of them...floral,plain,cotton,silk,chiffon,tube,halter etc..u name it i love it..i love to pair it with structured jacket,denim jacket,leather jacket,wedges,killer gladiator heels and even a flat jewelled encrusted personal opinion..every fashionistas out there should have one and rock it every now and then...

My recent look with a maxi dress..paired it with structured jacket and high heels.

dress lovin~

black halter dress
worn a few times
mail me!

colourful sundress
worn a few times
mail me!

top lovin~

green and white striped long top
free size
worn a few time
mail me!

Forever 21 satin ruffled top
perfect for work or hitting the club!
size L
never been used before
mail me!

Melinda Looi's floral cardigan
Free size
Mail me!

bottom lovin~

Forever 21 high waist skirt with belt
size L
mail me!

white cotton long pants
size L (29-32)
never been worn before
mail me!

forever 21 skinny pants(dark blue)
size 29
worn a few times
mail me!

shoe lovin~

Bright yellow pumps
worn a few times with minimal unnoticeble scrathes
mail me!


chanel inspired

the bag i went gaga tan brown!

shop shop shop

hye all..first of all i would like to say how unexcited my life is cause im currently in ipoh now..yes its a nice and relaxing place to be..but the shopping options is quite...MEH....The only save shopping complex to go to is ipoh kinta city shopping complex and commonly known as ipoh's jaya jusco...ok so there's mng,guess,esprit,fossil,vincci,nose,padini (i know ryte is boring) my point is there is not many i turn to online shopping/catalogue..if not..poor boyfriend of mine (who is staying in kl) have to go buy it for me and drive all the way to crazy buy for this month is this one Chanel inspired bag from an online shopping blog (mail me if u want to know which one) it comes in a variety of colours like baby pink,white,tan brown,black,red,and purple..and its faux leather!i already got in tan brown,white and pink and im gonna get the black and red ones doon!so there's goes crazy ezwana spending around RM340 for the same design + bought online ..aahh love it so what?ok now into summer dresses and beachwear nowadays since im goin for a beach trip early next month with my anyone got any idea where to get nice beachwear pls tell me ya..p/s im not into bikini only into one piece swimsuit..