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Monday, April 26, 2010

get beautiful happy~

HELLO again!!!!
ok im gonna put my beauty regimen on a step bt step's very basic like the ones you always read in magazines but yeah it's the same because IT IS THE CORRECT WAY!My beauty products is very affordable and you yes you can easily get it in pharmacies and even supermarkets..i am not i repeat i am not againts the well-known expensive beauty products like SKII,CLINIQUE,CD,ESTEE LAUDER etc...I absolutely adoree SKII..i have a friend..the famous ZENG ZHOU TAN..he's a sk11 boy and his skin is just...ANGELIC and GORGEOUS! I hate u zeng...anyways..skII is quite expensive and it's not my "time" here goes!

  • ALWAYS ALWAYS and ALWAYS remove your make up first.I know some people who just wash their faces without removing last traces of make up...that is not cool!we don't want any clog pores that causes breakouts right.Yes i understand it is not easy especially with waterproof make up but is pain pain is best way is to use oil based make up remover..I use Maybelline's make up remover for eyes and lips.It removes make up easily but leaves your skin a lil bit oily but that's ok since we're gonna cleanse the face anyways...BUT!if you don't like this try using non waterproof make up and just remove with a cleansing wipes..the ones from SIMPLE is very good.

  •  Step 2 is cleansing..It's always good to use a cleanser that suits your skin.I have normal to combination skin so choosing a cleanser is not really hard for me.I love using olay product so i just opt for the cleanser.It has this very fine microbeads that gently removes dead skin cell.SO I dont really have to scrub my face that often.(over scrubbing causes my skin to be very dry)
  • Next step will be steaming....I love this because I've always suffered from blocked nose...and this method helps clear my nose as well..what you do is fill in hot boiled water in a big bowl..i love adding lemon juice into the bowl i don't know ..for aromatheraphy purpose?them drape a towel over your head and just let the steam penetrates into your face for at least 5 minutes.This will open up your pores for a more thorough cleansing : )
  • Moving on....time to scrub scrub scrub..what i love to do is i get into the hot shower(with steam) and start scrubbing my face using FREEMAN'S facial creamy apricot scrub(in the pink tube).After around 3 minutes of scrubbing  rinse with lukewarm water and INSTANTLY smooth supple skin : )
  • THE MASK!yes again use a mask that suits your face.I don't know about you guys but my face changes its state from normal to dry and sometimes from normal to oily.How I know?
  1. well when my face is skin feels tight and itchy after cleansing and won't absorb foundation around my cheek area.SO,when this happen,i turn too FREEMAN'S facial enzyme mask in pineapple(in yellow tube) to restore radiant skin!try it!it works like wonder.
  2. when my face goes oily i can see blackheads on the tip of my nose and the my nose area starts to not absorb my saviour would be FREEMAN'S facial clay mask in avocado and oatmeal to purge pores and smoothens skin..i share this with alllll my girlfriends : )

  •  Blackheads....don't u just hate it....have you ever talked to a person(or even yourself) with blackheads and could not resist picking on it.well i do.But apparently that's bad..only do it with sterilized blackhead remover and clean hands.I don't really like the idea on doing it so i turned to this one product that helps remove blackheads.INTELLIGE' sebum quick up and sebum remover mask by KOSE'.It works man!first apply the sebum quick up then the mask after 15 minutes..remove and voila!

  • Last but not least,something i cannot live without is moisturizer.This is very important for your skin.I've always and will always love olay face cream.This is the only face cream that does not cause my skin to breakout and it's a wonderful make up base too!I have used this since the age of 15 and  it has been 8 years..Nothing to complain about : ).Ouh one more thing please use separate creams for day and night.Both has different ways to nourish your skin.As for the day cream has UV protection and at the same time brightens your skin.I always use this as a face cream and make up base.The night cream on the other hand moisturizes and has revitalising properties and really helps when you are having your beauty sleep.Trust me after using this for only 2 weeks you will see the difference : )
  So that's about it.Very simple right.It's not that bad...and plus it'll save your money on frequent trips to go do facial : )Enjoy and feel free to drop in comments or questions : )
p/s:sorry for the bad quality images


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