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Monday, April 26, 2010

shop shop shop

hye all..first of all i would like to say how unexcited my life is cause im currently in ipoh now..yes its a nice and relaxing place to be..but the shopping options is quite...MEH....The only save shopping complex to go to is ipoh kinta city shopping complex and commonly known as ipoh's jaya jusco...ok so there's mng,guess,esprit,fossil,vincci,nose,padini (i know ryte is boring) my point is there is not many i turn to online shopping/catalogue..if not..poor boyfriend of mine (who is staying in kl) have to go buy it for me and drive all the way to crazy buy for this month is this one Chanel inspired bag from an online shopping blog (mail me if u want to know which one) it comes in a variety of colours like baby pink,white,tan brown,black,red,and purple..and its faux leather!i already got in tan brown,white and pink and im gonna get the black and red ones doon!so there's goes crazy ezwana spending around RM340 for the same design + bought online ..aahh love it so what?ok now into summer dresses and beachwear nowadays since im goin for a beach trip early next month with my anyone got any idea where to get nice beachwear pls tell me ya..p/s im not into bikini only into one piece swimsuit..


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