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Saturday, May 1, 2010

shoulder up~

hey all!

It's been on the runway for quite a while..the structured jacket or top that emphasizes the shoulder..i remembered once tyra banks quoted that her favourite fashion trend would be shoulder pads.I love how it automatically make u look stylish and smart and suprisingly it could be worn for a casual or glam up look..My favourite look would be wearing oversized shirt,skinny jeans and gladiator heels...pair with a jacket..and damn!that's hot!!!I have everything from jackets,cardigans,tops,lace tops that have accentuated shoulder pads..but i have a problem finding structured jacket/blazer in dying to get one of those...for any of you out there who sells/knows where I could find one please share!pretty please!!...I think Balmain was one of the first who came out with this kind of stylish LOVE U u sexy thang!Fashionistas out there...please get one of these.....invest in a nice structured jacket as You can wear/pair it with any tops/jeans/pants/skirts/heels/flats etc...and ouh ouh i the best accesory to work this style is definitely the bib necklace..i don't know..It looks Fabulous!!!!


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