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Monday, April 26, 2010

TOP 10 make up item a girl should NEVER leave house without : )

1.CONCEALER...THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!covers all the imperfections and
voila!perfect skin. My personal favorite would be MAC select cover
up in NW30 : )

2.LIP GLOSS...All the girly girl out there should have one of these...instant
face wake up personal choice MAC lipglass in VIVA GLAM A4

3.LIP COLOUR...OK honestly i think asian girls especially malay girls like me
don't look good with lip gloss alone. I really do think that
we need a lil help from this magical wand called lipstick..i like
it long lasting so i love matte lipstick from MAC!

4.MASCARA...NOTHING MUCH TO SAY.i would seriously kill a person who refuses to wear
mascara when they already have eyeshadow favourite is MAC zoomlash
in black : )

5.BLUSHER...i would recommend girls out there to get a soft pink cream blusher..
my personal favorite would be laura mercier's creme cheek colour in
OLEANDER.Instantly wakes up tired face and give's you baby-doll look.
p/s: 1 more tips...during a night out or camwhoring...apply creme blusher
on the apple of your cheeks then...apply shimmer on top...that's is how
those celebrites look like glowing angels in those photos!

feel free to drop any comments or questions


  1. hye ika, im nvr good at concealers or foundations or evn powders.. my face wud get oily n my pores wud show up and i wud get uncomfortable... evn when i used oil control tu... n it wud get worse bile panas... pergh.. muke sepah... how?? so, i'v chosen no to use, xpe je kn?? tp, cm xcomplete la.?? hm??

    hamik... amik ksempatan ni.. hahaha... im a total dunce on makeups as b4.. ;pp

  2. PUT...seriously im a sucky blogger...i didnt u realize ur comment...hope im not too late...

    emm i face the same problem too...what u have to do is start from the basic..use the right skincare product..and then use blotting paper instead of powder coz powder adds colour and make u look cakey...if u need too....pakai yg mineralized shj.

    if you dont mind spending some money u can use this 2 items before makeup...i highly recommend it...