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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

late night post~

hye darlings!!!
sorry for the late blogging ..It was really hectic today..first wake up very very early for appointment to dentist ..then found out I have to go through a mini surgery to remove my wisdom tooth...then to my personal doctor clinic to get medication (im allergic to penicillin and bacterium),then..i love this part...I WENT TO THE TAILOR TO MAKE BAJU RAYA!!!i know it's kinda early but my regular tailor gaved me warning that she won't do anymore tailoring till june!So i don't really have much time.Next,go to the bank to bank in my latest on9 purchase which i will blog about on maybe friday,then to the bank again to activate my on9 banking,then accompany my mum to bring her sick rabbit to the vet ...i think the female vet is in love with me cause she kept on asking my mum about me..then go to GIANT supermarket to get the cleanse tea for my dad(actually i've been secretly stealing his tea cause it works!!my tummy has never been this flat before...) next go home do some more on9 banking..take a my mum to update her facebook profile that took me SOOOO LOOONNGG ..then go and bake some bananas..made my mum go to sleep and talk and wish goodnight to my dear Hafiz..and now BLOG : ).SO what would be my topic today?hmm MAKE UP..yes make favourite thing ever..ok so before i start..once my 2 dear friend that i love so much..zeng and clarissa..they gave me an idea..they want me to be the next Datuk Farah Khan..For those of you who don't know who she is..well she's great..she's got her own fashion boutique in KLCC and she brings in international designer items into Malaysia.Isn't that cool???ok so since Datuk Farah brought in stuffs like ensembles,shoes,bags etc I am trying to bring in International make up stuffs into Malaysia..My dream would be NARS!(since MAC is already in Malaysia)..But NARS wont be that easy so Im gonna start small first.Have you ever heard about a brand called Nyx?Ok it's a very affordable make up line from the United States(It's very very cheap there and when it reaches Malaysia it'll be more expensive but definitely cheaper than MAC) and I don't really think it's available in Malaysia as yet..but shipping is available.I found out about it when I saw a video on youtube by Juicystar07..She's a very very well known vlogger in the US where people actually pay her to go shopping and comment on their products: )well she tried the Nyx product and it works wonders on her. Iwill attach the link of that particular video for you guys to watch.I got excited and i ordered a few items to try..and i managed to get it shipped to Malaysia within 2 weeks.I am gonna try it and if i really really am confident with it I will start bringing more stuff in for YOU yes YOU guys!Do e-mail me or contact me on facebook if you are interested already : )

check this link out !!!NYX make up

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