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Saturday, May 29, 2010

hair care~

 hey all..
Today im gonna brag bout hair...I have thick black long crazy long hair..When I say is thick I don't mean thick thick it's crazy thick!I go crazy sometimes.but thats ok..Don't need no extensions no weaves..Take that Bee...That is the only only thing I think I can brag to her..Anyways..I love my hair and I do think that I take good care of it that is why I don't really need to trim and cut it frequently..I don't colour and I style them home..I just go to saloons to get it layered and that is it!So i have a few rules that i have to stick to to maintain my mane
1.Never ever and ever do anything permanent to your hair ie perm,relaxing,rebonding etc..You just have to resist yourself..I have the urges too..Lucky me I got great family and friends and even the hairstylists! whom always managed to make me don't do it.That is the main trick..Nothing permanent!Keep it in its natural state and it's gonna be good.
2.Be ready to sometimes put natural stuffs on your hair.Ok this sounds kinda gross but when I want shine.I put eggs on my hair before shampoo..Yes but it works!And one more think ..coconut oil..people will say eeuuww gross it smells funky yada yada yada..But hey!it is good for your hair and scalp!!my grandmother did it my great grandma worked it too!!ok so it's new school and we ain't got time to boil the coconut milk!Im gonna recommend this one product later and it smells good too.
3.Open your planner and find a slot of 30 minutes for hair mask time!This is very very important!A lot of people use hair mask but don't really let it sit a while to really work and show it's magic..There's plenty of things u can do while waiting like read,paint your nails,watch tv..etc
4.Never ever comb hair when it's wet!Use the wide tooth comb.

SO here goes my hair routine.Im in L.O.V.E with this 2 products which is REDKEN and also from THE NATURAL SOURCE.(or better known as TNS SKIN LAB)

First..shampoo..I always comb my hair before shampoo..I don't like the feeling of tangled hair when it's wet.
What I like to use is Redken all soft shampoo and the natural source high shine shampoo.My tips is change your shampoo every 2-3 months because your hair tends to get use to the proteins in the shampoo over a period of time and It won't work anymore.So I always change alternately.Remember to rub your shampoo on your scalp.Don't use nails!

Second comes conditioner..Conditioner is strictly for you hair not your scalp!Especially the ones with oily scalp!Please please apply on your hair only and try not to let it reach your scalp.What I use in redken all soft conditioner or TNS high shine conditioner.After applying take your wide tooth comb and comb your hair slowly to make the application all even!Rinsing is one crucial part to...make sure You clean properly.Don't leave any excess product on your hair cause this is one of the cause of oily scalp and dandruff!

Next comes the hair mask.As for hair mask try to do it at least once a week..As for me I do treatment for at least 2 times a week.Before I apply hair mask..of course i'd have to shampoo first..BUT!before that i apply my dear extra virgin coconut oil.wait for half an hour.shampoo condition then apply hair mask for another half an hour.I usually wrap my hair in a shower cap then cover with towel or sometimes just clip my hair and just sit in the bathroom with the shower on.The steam from the hot water helps the product to absorb into hair better!Bored of waiting??Then do something!like exfoliating your skin with a body scrub!I love redken all soft hair mask!
This is the coconut oil i use.It's from Bencoolen.You can get this in Jaya Jusco 1 utama.

After washing,try to detangle your hair using fingers then use the wide tooth comb.Then You would want to apply something as a leave in conditioner to keep you hair hydrated.As for me I don't really like the cream or gel based conditioner as I sweat a lot and It'll leave me feeling all greasy and sticky.SO i use Schwarzkopf Bc Bonacure hairtherapy Q10 satin spray.I love the smell and it helps stimulate keratins to increase the strengh of your hair structure.

Do ALL these steps and im sure It'll keep your hair soft and healthy!In A Few weeks the frizz will go away.Try not to blow dry so often too..Your hair will thank you for it..Azura..This post is specially dedicated to you!


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