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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

proud to be a malay girl~

Hey all...
I have gotten lots and lots of people asking me about my ethnicity...Some said i look like a punjabi,chindian,indonesian chinese,chinese,anak mami bla bla bla....WELL IM NOT...some people also said im half borneo cause they know I was born in Sabah but deep deep in my heart i believe that i am PURE MALAY!yes I know the way i dress and act do not really mirror a typical malay girl..but I am deep inside..I love malay culture and traditions..I get excited about all these.What I love most is the traditional wear.Honestly I feel the most prettiest when I am wearing traditional wear.I don't get to wear it often you know because of modernisation..But during the eid or better known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia or malay weddings..traditional wear is a definite must!For those who doesn't know some of the material used is batik and songket and designs like kebaya,kurung,kurung pahang,kurung kedah etc.I will love it until the day I die.Nowadays,womens in Malaysia modernised their traditional wear using materials like silk,lace,thai silk,cotton and a whole lot variety of modern design that I personally think that will look awesome even on the PARIS RUNWAY!But my personal favourite would be the really really traditional old fashion design..People know P.Ramlee but his wife not really.She is one of my fashion icon.She is the late primadona Saloma.If you google her get to see how fabulous she is.Her hair, makeup(dark red lipstick and thick cat eye look),dresses and kebayas blew my mind.All you malay girls out there my advice is how far you go..don't ever forget where you came from.Your roots and traditions.Keep on making our legacy of fabulous fashion alive!


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